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I don't know if Saturday is the best day of the week...

But it's definitely in the top seven.

Mecha Henrietta Maria!
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Dramatis Personae

gargantsurprise: This long-time gamer happens to be the highest ranking human being in both Cornwall and Cambridge. Miss Surprise was voted Most Likely to Mash an Effigy of Headmaster Cid into an Unrecognisable Fluid 2006, in response to her dedicated campaign work.

drew5000: Drew is a manga enthusiast and practicing homosexual (when he can get it). Drew's other interests include singing, cooking and carpets (he is especially fond of a nice deep shag *groan*).

vampireduzell: Fully qualified mistress of the undead. Jenny's greatest ambitions are to run a successful business and conquer the world with the aid of her zombie army. She hopes to have taken Surrey by Christmas 2008.

truly_bohemian: Resident tea-drinking, Terry-Jones-fancying romantic. T.B. was once credited as the "founder of modern astronomy" in Bernard Harris' Book of Important Things You Already Know But Might Have Forgotten. This situation was rectified when the author announced that he had misspelt Galileo Galilei. We all had a jolly good laugh.

Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Community... will not be appearing in this community.

anne of cleves, books and cleverness, books and learning, buckingham (sometimes), carpets, cicero/brutus/cassius, cornish rebellion, crack, doctor who, exile, gatiss!doctor, historic slash, homoerotic-musical-themed-reality-shows, i love curry, knee cap of justice, lord robot, pompey madness!, prince maurice, prince rupert, robotic monarchy, rome, rome! the musical, saturdays, secret vampires, super canine powers, too much television, weird buckingham dance