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So, here I am. Writing to this community again, where only I ever update (except for that glorious vision of Jessie's inner turmoil... and those posts, back in the day, when Drew only ever updated, mainly because he had no idea what he'd been talked into...). I've been looking through my images of Mark Gatiss and briefly considered printing some off, in order to fashion myself a 'Get Well' card. I am a sad and lonely individual.

How is everyone else? Did you enjoy Pirates?

Having a horrible time trying to get started on a fic for Mumsy. It's supposed to be part of her birthday present, but her birthday is rather... tomorrowish. I don't know if I'll get it done. Do you think she'd like a Gatiss card? No, probably not. She thinks he's weird and just the kind of man I'd like.

Le sigh. Life. Don't talk to me about life. X3

PS Why aren't you listening to That Mitchell and Webb Sound? I mean, HONESTLY!
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